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What is the UK Certificate of Sponsorship? A Short Guide

Home office Certificate of Sponsorship Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) is an electronic document issued by UK Employers (Sponsor Licence holders) to foreign workers they want to hire


Sponsor Licence Compliance

Sponsor Licence Compliance A sponsor licence compliance is a set of rules and regulations that UK organisations must follow when sponsoring non-British nationals to work in the country. These rules


Innovator Founder Visa: start a business in the UK - A Pathway for Entrepreneurs

The UK is a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a long history of supporting and encouraging start-ups and new businesses. If you are an overseas entrepreneur looking to start a bu


Great Opportunities for Care Workers: No cap of 20 hours additional work

Immigration updates: No cap of 20 hours additional work for Health and Care worker visa The Home Office announced a change to supplementary work rules for sponsored workers in the UK on a H


Why Sponsor Licences are Important for Business

More businesses need to complete a sponsor licence application, especially after Brexit, if they wish to employ migrants via the Skilled Worker scheme. Sur


Sponsor Licence Application Rejected - Incorrect application fee was paid

About Sponsor Licence Sponsor licence is a permission granted by the Home Office that allows UK-based employers to sponsor non-UK nationals for employment in the UK. Applying for a sponsor licen


5 things Organisations need to know about Sponsor Licence

When it comes to a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence application, consider WorkPermitCloud. We provide a cloud-based solution for your sponsor licence application to be UKVI compliant. Get your Tier 2 Sp


Improve Employee Experience with HR Technology

Human resources (HR) technology has evolved tremendously over the years, providing HR teams and departments with efficient and effective solutions to HR processes. For small and medium-sized enterpris


Migrating a Skilled Worker for Your Company

If you want to employ a skilled worker from overseas, you will first need to apply for a skilled worker sponsor licence. If the Home Office approves the application, you will be able to sponsor th


A Guide to Right to Work Checks

If you’re an employer who is planning on hiring staff under your employment, you have a responsibility to carry out Right to Work checks before finalising their employment with you. The followin


Common HR Challenges that HRMS Software Can Help Solve

When it comes to Human Resources (HR), there are numerous challenges that members of the HR team could face which begs the question - how do you overcome these challenges? Simple - with a Huma


UK Home Office Sponsorship Management System

What is the Sponsorship Management System? The Sponsorship Management System (SMS) is an online system used by UK employers to sponsor non-British workers under Tier 2 (Skilled Worker Route), Tier


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