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Self Sponsorship Process And Requirements


Self Sponsorship Process And Requirements

Self Sponsorship Process And Requirements

WorkPermitCloud Limited has received numerous queries from talented people across the globe who aspires to work in the UK but have difficulties in finding a sponsor. We would like to tell you that there’s another way that you can fulfil your career in the UK without relying on others. You can be your own sponsor, sounds exciting!

All you need to do is to set up a business in the UK and apply for a sponsor license to sponsor yourself.

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Why is Self-Sponsorship possible? 

In the past, there was a restriction of a maximum 10% shareholding of the company if you would like to apply for a Tier 2 visa. However, since the Skilled Worker Visa scheme replaced the Tier 2 visa on 1 Dec 2020, there are no restrictions on shareholdings anymore. This means you can come to the UK under a Skilled Worker even if you are the only shareholder.

Who is suitable for Self-Sponsorship?  

  1. you have a company in the UK

  2. Or, you’ve purchased a business in the UK, and you have sufficient resources (skills and financially) to support your business in the UK

  3. Or, you are planning to set up a business in the UK, and have the financial ability to set up the business

Are there requirements for the type of business?  

There are no restrictions on the type of business for self-sponsor, as long as it’s a legal business in the UK. You can open a coffee shop, restaurant, tech company etc.
Unlike the Start-up Visa, you’ll need a business idea that needs to be different from any others in the market, you also need to have an endorsing body to approve your business idea.

Are there any financial requirements for this route?

No, there’s no exact number required for how much money you need to have for your business, as long as you have sufficient funds to support the establishment of the business, it may vary depending on the type of business you’re establishing.

Unlike the Innovator Visa, you’ll need 50,000 investment funds for your business. 

How does it work?

- First, establish a company in the UK

- Next, apply for a sponsor licence

- Last, get the licence and sponsor yourself

What you must have?

- you must have a business in the UK

- you must have the documents required for the Sponsor Licence application

- you must have an Authorising Officer in the UK

- you must have a robust HR system

What’s the procedure of Self Sponsorship?

In summary, the procedure is to set up a business and apply for a sponsor license for your business and then sponsor yourself as a skilled worker.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to process the Self-Sponsorship route.

Step 1: establish a business in the UK

To know how to start a business in the UK, please read the UK government website here.

Step 2: Apply for a sponsor License

There are certain documents required for a sponsor license application, you’ll need a minimum 4 of the following:

  1. Minimum 1-month business bank statement
  2. Copy of Lease OR freehold OR Tenancy agreement
  3. Employer liability insurance certificate (minimum employee cover £5 million)
  4. PAYEE OR Account Office reference letter from HMRC
  5. Copy of regulatory approval, i.e., Health & Safety star rating for food business, ACCA, SRA
  6. VAT Certificate (if registered)
  7. SIGNED Annual account (if the business is over 18 months old)

If you want to know more about how to apply for a sponsor license, please read our previous blog here.

Step 3: Appointing an Authorising Officer

You must appoint an Authorising Officer (AO) during the application stage.

The person needs to be your employee whom the Home Office will contact in regard to the application. (Any suitable employee for this role, such as managers/directors, or employee with good communication skills who has knowledge of this application)

It is better to appoint someone who is a British citizen or someone who has a ILR in the UK to act as your Authorizing Officer. 

Step 4: Have a robust HR system in place

As a mandatory requirement for sponsor license application, you must have a robust HR system in place to prove that you are able to comply with the sponsor duties for your skilled workers.

If you don’t have an HR system, WorkPermitCloud provides a one-stop solution namely WpcHr software which is designed based on the sponsor license guidance from the Home Office. We have hundreds of clients who have managed to comply with the rules and regulations mentioned by the immigration office.

Step 5: Get your Sponsor License

It usually takes around 8 weeks to get a decision from the Home Office.

However, it might take longer if the Home Office want to conduct further checks on your business or do a visit to your company address. If you need assistance for preparing a Home office visit, please contact us.

Step 6: Assign CoS to a skilled worker

After your licence is granted, you're able to assign CoS to an employee of the company that you wish to sponsor. For more info about CoS please read our previous article here.

As there are no restrictions for the shareholdings of a skilled worker, you can assign a CoS to yourself, so that you can use the CoS to apply for a skilled worker visa. WorkPermitCloud can assist you with the CoS allocation and visa application.

Step 7: Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa

After your assigned the CoS to yourself, you can use the CoS to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa, this Visa allows you to work in the UK legally, you can work in your own company and manage your business. 

There are documents required for applying for a Skilled Worker Visa, please read here fore more information.

How can Work Permit Cloud Limited help?

At WorkPermitCloud Limited, we have been working closely with hundreds of small and medium enterprises to apply for their Sponsor License and Skilled Worker Visa successfully.

We can:

  • Evaluate Organisation's sponsorship need.
  • Determine the appropriate type of sponsorship license
  • Check Organisation's previous business performance.
  • Review Authorising officer, level 1 user, and Key contact person's fitness for the role.
  • Recommend mandatory and supporting documents based on the nature of the organisation.
  • Assist organisation to respond to Home Office questions with precise answers developed through an in-depth situation analysis.
  • Provide guidance on sponsorship-related fees.
  • Help organisation to avail fast track service from Home Office.
  • Provide expert support for first-time sponsorship license applications

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: sales@workpermitcloud.co.uk

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