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"A Roadmap to Self-Sponsored Success in the UK"

Embarking on the path to secure a UK Skilled Worker Visa through self-sponsorship involves a strategic blueprint, specifically tailored for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to capitalize on


Home Office extends sponsor licence from 4 years to 10 years

In a significant development, the UK Home Office has officially announced the abolition of the requirement for UK sponsors to renew their sponsor licence every four years, effective from April 20


All employers need to make sure their right to work checks are thorough

A recent court decision has affirmed the Home Office's decision to withdraw the sponsor licence of a major care home operator in the Northeast. This ruling serves as a stark reminder that, even wi


What are the new rules for business immigration in 2024 - update

In December 2023, The Government announced that there would be an increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) fee and the minimum salary level threshold would be increasing. The new IHS fee


UK Immigration Changes 2024: skilled worker visa salary threshold increase

On 5th December 2023, the UK government announced a new five-point plan to cut immigration, which includes a substantial increase in the minimum salary for skilled workers from £26,200 to £


Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS): How to check if a CoS is Genuine or Fake?

What is a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)? A Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is a crucial document in the immigration process for foreign workers coming to the UK. It is an electronic record that


Sponsor Licence Suspension: Safeguarding Your Business

Has your sponsor licence been suspended? The need for swift action is paramount to avoid further disruption to your business. We specialise in helping you protect your sponsor licence. A suspe


Hong Kong BNO Visa – all you need to know

What is British National Overseas (BNO)? People who were British overseas territories citizens by connection with Hong Kong were able to register as a British national (overseas) before 1 July 1997


What is the No Recourse to Public Funds Condition?

In the complex landscape of immigration and visa regulations, the "No Recourse to Public Funds" (NRPF) condition is a term that often arises. This condition, which is attached to certain vis


UK Visa application fees set to increase on 4th October

On September 15, 2023, the UK Home Office announced changes to certain visa application fees, the new fees will take effect on October 4. In this blog, we'll break down the key modifications and t


Can a Takeaway Business Apply for a Sponsor Licence?

If a UK firm wants to employ non-UK residents (including EU nationals entering the UK from 1st January 2021), the employer must have a valid sponsor licence from the UK Home Office. Obtaining a sponso


UK employers face increased fines for employing illegal migrant workers

On 7th August 2023, the UK Home Office announced new regulations targeting illegal migrants, UK employers who found employ illegal migrant workers will be fined £45,000 per illegal worker for a


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