Scale up Business


Scale up Business

What is a Scale-up Business?

A Scale-up Business is a company that:

  • had at least 10 employees at the beginning of the 3 year period

  • and, grown by 20% on average each year in either employment or total sales (turnover) in the last 3 years

What is the Scale-up route?

According to the Home Office, the Scale-up route is for talented individuals to work for a UK Scale-up Sponsor, who have the skills needed to enable the Scale-up business to continue growing. The individual must have a high-skilled job offer at the required salary level from a qualifying Scale-up business.

Who can sponsor someone under a Scale-up Visa?

To sponsor someone under a Scale-up Visa, the company must be a scale-up business, and the company must have a sponsor licence for the scale-up route.

If your company qualifies as a scale-up business, then you can apply for a sponsor licence under the scale-up route, WorkPermitCloud can assist with this, please contact us.

If your company does not meet the requirements to be considered a scale-up business, you can still apply for a sponsor licence through one of the other routes, such as the skilled worker routes, to hire talents from overseas.

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