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About Us

We specialise in business immigration and HR system in the UK

Our Values

We specialise in business immigration and HR system in the UK

About Us: Get To Know Who We Are

WorkPermitCloud Limited is an innovative Legal and HR-tech company established in 2020. It specialises in Business Immigration and HR systems in the UK.

Its objectives are to support UK employers with Skilled Worker Route Sponsorship License application and HR file preparation. It blends Legal, HR and Technology, to deliver superior business results for its clients. We have a team of OISC approved Immigration advisors, who are experienced in Sponsor Licence Application, CoS allocation, Visa Application, and Sponsor duties compliance. 

Our software and services are an outcome of in-depth research based on customer feedback and user analytics. The custom-built software and service help individuals and organizations to comply with the Home Offices’ UKVI guidance for skilled worker routes previously known as Tier 1-5 guidance.

We create unique experiences

As an HR-Tech start-up company, WorkPermitCloud is catering the unmet need of registered license sponsors. From its inception in 2020, our virtual HR platform gained the trust of many clients. It helped them to secure and maintain their Sponsorship License. After an organization is successful in getting a sponsorship license, they must comply with sponsorship duties.

With this cloud-based platform, sponsoring organizations can easily recruit world-class professionals from within and outside of the UK while also adhering to sponsorship compliance rules. This helps both recruiters and job seekers to attain their personal and business objectives such as finding the right job with a UKVI regulated employer, selecting the very best candidates without limiting the choice of local boundary and gaining a long-term commitment from the employee to accelerate business performance.

This is a perfect HR solution for small and medium-sized businesses such as restaurants, cash and carry’s, construction companies, professional services, care homes, media and communication, and charitable organizations. With this end-to-end HR service, qualified organizations can easily make sponsorship license applications with the correct set of documents even with limited understanding of complex sponsorship license applications and management processes.

Initially, our software helps as a supporting tool to maximize probability of success to secure sponsorship license. Later, an employing organization can manage all the jobs related to HR recruitment functions i.e. Place a job advertisement in a related job portal, receive application from the candidates using different digital mediums, shortlist candidates for interview with per-defined criteria, conduct and record interview with outcomes, hire qualified candidate, make job offer, and finally use professionally crafted communications, tools templates, contract, policy and guidance.

Our client does not have to make capital investment for the hardware or the software. Also, they do not have to worry about installation, configuration, hardware upgrades as well as software and mobile application updates. Moreover, it gives them quick and easy access to expert IT and HR services with a nominal subscription..

In addition to the sponsorship application and recruitment function, employers can manage their employee database, monitor and create all kinds of reports related to settled or non-settled workers. For example, right to work checks, record changes of circumstances, proof of ID, next of kin details, duty roster, holiday, sick leave, absence, role management, alert management and finally get access to multi-functional communication tools. A strong adherence to these HR processes helps organisations to follow Home Office guidance of sponsorship compliance.

All these functionalities can be accessed by end-users through a web browser or mobile phone. Our specialist team supports employers to harness full benefits of the specialized software and its functionalities.

Vision And Values

We strive to become an effective human resource management partner for our client’s day to day business life.

Making life easy
  • Dedicate time to organise clients need
  • Offer customised HR solution
  • Take HR management burden to make clients life easy
Doing things right
  • Do the right thing very first time
  • No more; no less! Help client do the appropriate thing
  • No trial and error at clients cost.
Transforming the business
  • Ensure right employee selection
  • Help client to organise and invest in people and technology
  • Generate better business results
Doing things fast
  • Committed team, Developed infrastructure
  • Professional services within minimal time
Complying with all HR regulations
  • Check and update clients’ HR files Regularly
  • Generate insights on which clients can take action
  • Implement home office latest policy and guidelines

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