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HR File Preparation Service

Professional Cloud-Based Reliable HR And Recruitment Systems

HR File Preparation Service

Professional Cloud-Based Reliable HR And Recruitment Systems

Professional Cloud-Based Reliable HR And Recruitment Systems

WorkPermitCloud is an innovative HR-tech company specialising in UK business immigration, HR and recruitment systems. Their company blends legal, HR and modern technology to deliver superior business results for many of its clients. Expect fast, efficient and personalised human resource management services from WorkPermitCloud.

What are HR policies and procedures?

HR policies and procedures are designed to ensure that an organisation’s workforce is properly managed and that employees are treated fairly and by the law. They cover issues such as recruitment, performance management, discipline and grievance procedures, and sickness absence.

Who develops HR policies?

The HR department is responsible for developing policies. However, some organisations may have a separate team or individual responsible for this task. The development of HR policies and procedures should involve input from managers and employees since they must comply with the policies.

Why is it important to have HR policies?

HR Policies and procedures are an important part of any organisation because they provide guidance on how employees should act and behave. Having these policies in place helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there is a level of consistency within the company.

What does our HR file preparation service include?

Assess Organisation's HR and recruitment systems to comply with sponsorship duties.

Recommend corrective actions and support with web and Apps based HR tools, templates and methodologies.

Conduct Right to Work Checks, Review and/or update Employment Contract.

Support organisations to adopt best practices related to HR policies i.e. Recruitment, Equality and diversity and Inclusion, Home Working, Flexible Working, discipline and grievance procedures, Working Hours, Pay and Wages, Pension, Leave, Holiday, Sick pay policy.

Create awareness among employers and employees to record and report Changes of Circumstances.

Help employees with one-time support to use the WorkPermitCloud HR system.

Implement a robust HR system so sponsoring organisations can fulfil their sponsorship duties with proper monitoring tools.

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