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Who Can Apply For A License To Hire Migrant Workers?

According to the new Point Based System (PBS) of UK immigration, companies looking forward to hiring skilled workers from EU, EEA and non-EEA countries will require a sponsor license. UK-based small and middle enterprises will require a license to hire migrant workers.

Size of the company

Contrary to the common belief, companies of any size can apply for a sponsor license.

Be it large or small, the companies which are facing a dearth of skilled workers in their premises can file an application.

However, they will have to fulfil the eligibility and suitability criteria mentioned by the UK immigration office.

At WorkPermitCloud Limited, we have been working closely with hundreds of small and medium enterprises like Asian Restaurants, Groceries, Cash and Carry, Money Exchanges, Building Construction, Healthcare and Professional Service organisations. With our support, they have managed to hire the right skilled employee maintaining the rules and regulations mentioned by the immigration office.

Any genuine company with a clean record and solvency can apply for the sponsor license. The one which looks forward to submitting an application must not have any unspent criminal convictions for immigration offenses, as mentioned by the UK Immigration office. At the same time, anyone accused of fraud or money laundering will be disqualified immediately in case of visa application. At the same time, an applicant must not have a record of their license revoked in the last 12 months.

On top of these, the companies need a robust HR management system, which is extremely vital. The UK home office will stringently examine the application and the necessary document provided with the application. They may also visit the applicant enterprise's office to check their trustworthiness. While applying, companies must appoint an authorising officer who will be well-informed about the employee pool and must not have any criminal record.

Job suitability

Any company willing to sponsor a skilled  migrant worker must take into notice that the job advertised has to be credible and offer a suitable rate of pay and skill level. Details of skill and according pay scale are all available here.

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