What’s next after you submit your sponsor licence application?

What’s next after you submit your sponsor licence application?

22 Oct 2021

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What’s next after you submit your sponsor licence application - the importance of monitoring employees

As an organisation applying for a sponsorship licence, normally you need to wait for around 8 weeks for a decision after submitting all the supporting documents. Home Office will review your application, they might carry out random checks to your organisation’s HR system to see if you are able to carry out sponsor duties in order to make a decision.

The Home Office stated that to be eligible to get a sponsor licence as an employer, you’ll need to have an appropriate system in place to monitor the employees you’re hiring.

To monitor your employees, you need to have your employee’s database in your HR system, such as copies of relevant documents, employees’ up-to-date contact details, and most importantly, you should check employees’ right to work.

Copies of relevant documents: 

According to Home Office guidance Appendix D: keeping documents – guidance for sponsors, you need to have copies of relevant documents such as Passport copy, Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) cop, a copy of employee’s date of entry to the UK, National Insurance (NI) number copy, a copy of the employee’s contact detail history (UK residential address, email, mobile number) etc.

Employee’s up-to-date contact details:

This will include employees’ UK residential address, personal email, mobile number, and their next of Kin’s detail: full name, relationship to the employee, address, email, mobile number.

Right to work check for your employees:

If you’re hiring a migrant skilled worker, it is important to check his or her right to work in the UK. You should check both before and after they’re hired. Failing to do so will result in a civil penalty. You can follow the Home Office right to work check online if they've shared their code with you. You should also check employees' original documents, such as passports and BRPs, to determine whether they are genuine and original, and pay attention to the expiration date.

At WorkPermitCloud Limited, we have developed a robust HR management system software it is highly efficient to provide helps with the monitoring of your company's employees. With our robust HR system, it will help you with the right to work checks, proof of ID, store and update employees’ contact details, next of kin details, record changes of circumstances, duty roster, holiday, sick leave, absence, role management, payroll, and finally get access to multi-functional communication tools. Strong adherence to these HR processes helps organisations to follow Home Office guidance of sponsorship compliance.

If you want to learn more about our robust HR system, please contact us at: info@workpermitcloud.co.uk





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