What are the advantages of having a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence?

What are the advantages of having a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence?

29 Oct 2021

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What is a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence?

A Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence is a licence that gives UK employers the permission to hire migrant workers from countries or regions outside of the UK. In other words, this licence allows UK employers to hire migrant workers legally. A valid sponsor licence is required for a UK organisation that is employing non-UK resident employees, including EU nationals entering the UK from 1st January 2021. UK firms must get the appropriate sponsorship licence from UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI).

Why do companies need a Sponsor Licence?

To fulfil talent acquiring needs

If a UK employer wants to hire any non-British nationals (expect people who already had a settlement or got an Indefinite Leave to Remain), the employer needs to have a valid sponsor licence. With a sponsor licence, organizations are able to fulfil their talent recruiting needs not only by recruiting from the domestic talent pool, but also the global talent pool. They will be able to acquire talents that can best fulfil their business needs.

For example, if you are running an Indian restaurant, but you cannot find an expert Chef who can cook Indian food in the domestic UK talent market. By securing a sponsor licence, you can recruit a qualified chef from outside of the UK.

To avoid penalty

Employing a foreign worker without a valid sponsor licence might result in fines of up to £20,000 per unlawful worker, criminal charges, and reputational harm to your business. In addition, you may also be barred from hiring migrant employees forever by the UKVI.

What are the advantages of having a skilled worker licence as an employer?

  1. Access to the global talent pool

With a sponsor licence, your organisation can have a broader option to recruit talents from the globe. You can hire people from anywhere as long as it meets the Skilled Worker eligibility requirement. In addition, you can fulfil vacancies that are in the eligible Skilled Worker Route occupation code. To fill in UK skills gaps, an employer can recruit the right talent/skilled professional to work for them.

  1. Long term and committed employees 

Having a sponsor licence gives you permission to sponsor a skilled worker. Skilled workers who come to work in the UK under your sponsorship are less likely to change jobs frequently. Employers who have had experience in recruiting migrant workers using a sponsor license state that a sponsored worker remains committed for a long time which ultimately drives business growth.

  1. Promote the diversity of your organisation

Having a licence enables an organisation to hire different nationalities from different cultural backgrounds, this will show the cultural diversity of your company and inclusion. Many companies consider diversity and inclusion to be good company culture and value; this is also excellent for a company’s brand image. This also attracts talents to work for your organisation environment. Moreover, a diverse workforce in your organisation will help your company in discovering and expanding into new markets and regions.

  1. Remain competitive in the industry

Having a sponsor licence can ensure that your organisation is at an advantage compared to other company’s who do not have a sponsor license. This is because talented and skilled applicants often check the list of licenced sponsors before applying for a job.

How we can help

At WorkPermitCloud Limited, we have a dedicated team to assist you in your sponsorship application process. We also offer professional immigration advice regulated by Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our Founder and Managing Director Md Lutfur Rahman (FCILEx) has more than 20 years of experience in sponsorship licences management and business immigration services.

We will:

  • - Evaluate your organisation's sponsorship needs
  • - Determine the appropriate type of sponsorship licence for you
  • - Recommend mandatory and supporting documents based on the nature of your organisation
  • - Review Authorising officer, level 1 user and Key contact person's fitness for the role
  • - Assist in responding to Home Office questions with precise answers developed through in-depth situation analysis
  • - Provide guidance on sponsorship-related fees
  • - Help your organisation to avail fast track service from Home Office
  • - Provide expert support for first-time sponsorship license applications or deal with renewal, suspensions and revocations

If you want to know what documents are required to apply for a sponsor licence, please see our previous article here.

If you have any queries in relation to the sponsorship application process, please feel free to contact us at: info@workpermitcloud.co.uk

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