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Points-Based System (PBS) For UK Work Visa

Points-Based System (PBS) for UK Work Visa

The UK government introduced new Points-Based System from 1st December 2020. This means all Non-UK nationals who want to apply for a work visa in the UK must apply under the new Points-Based System. A minimum of 70 points are required to obtain a Skilled Worker Visa.

There are 50 mandatory points requirements, which comprises the following:

  • > A job offer from a qualified employer
  • > Job at appropriate skill level
  • English Language meets the required level

(To know more about the mandatory requirements please review our last blog here).

In addition to the mandatory points, the applicant must add 20 points from the tradeable requirements to make up the minimum total of 70 points, such as:

  • > Annual salary
  • > Academic qualifications
  • > Shortage of occupations

Points distribution explained:

New entrant

According to the “Skilled Worker caseworker Guidance Version 3.0” updated on 6th October 2021, if the applicant is under 26 years old on the date of application, or the applicant is under Tier 4 student visa just completed 12 months’ university study in the UK, then the applicant will be qualified as a “New Entrant”, it can be counted as 20 points.

How to get 70 points

Here we give some examples of different cases that would make up 70 points.

Example: a chef

Example: healthcare worker

Example: Digital Marketing Executive

This applicant got 20 points from holding a Job offer from an approved sponsor, 20 points from working as a Digital Marketing Executive as this job level is above RQF 3, 10 points from meeting the English requirement. 

This applicant's annual salary is 20,480, which is lower than 25,600, so he got 0 points from the salary requirement. However, this applicant is a New Entrant, as he is under 26 years old, and the applicant is under Tier 4 student visa just completed 12 months’ university study in the UK, so he got 20 tradeable points. In total, the applicant got 70 points.

To know more about the Point-based system, please visit the gov website here,

or contact us at info@workpermitcloud.co.uk

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