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Just Applied For A 5-year Visa, But My BRP Expires On 31 Dec 2024?

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is normally used for Immigrants to confirm their identity, and right to study or work in the UK. It is a card that states the duration of the individual’s stay in the UK. You’ll receive this card when you apply for a long-term visa.

Why does my BRP expire on 31 Dec 2024?

If you have successfully applied for a long-term visa in the last two years, such as a Skilled Worker visa, you will notice that the expiration date on your BRP card is 31 Dec. 2024 even if your granted stay is longer.

This doesn’t just happen to long-term visa holders, many people who have obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the last two years have also frequently encountered the same situation.

Please keep in mind that this expiration date is not your visa expiration time. It simply means the BRP card will expire on 31 Dec. 2021, not your immigration status. Please see the official content from GOV.UK below:

Do I need to apply for a new BRP after the card expires?

Many people gradually began to worry about what to do when the card expires, will everything be zero after December 31, 2024? Will they need to apply for a new one or need to pay more money?

The answer is: no!

Whether you hold a long-term visa or have obtained permanent residence, your visa/status will not change due to the expiry date of this card.

For long-term visa holders: After the BRP card expires, your visa period is still valid.

Example: You successfully applied for a 4-year Skilled Worker (Tier 2) visa on January 1, 2022, and the visa expires on January 1, 2026. Once you get your BRP card, the expiry date on the card is 31 December 2024, please don’t be confused, your visa (right of stay in the UK) will not be expired on the date, it will still remain valid after the card expires.

Permanent Residents (ILR): After the BRP card expires, your permanent resident status is still valid.

Your permanent residency status is valid for life, and there is only one case where it will be variable: you have left the UK and have not returned for more than 2 years.

After the BRP card expires, how do I prove my legal status in the UK?

You should have received a decision letter from the Home Office when you have been granted your visa, which states your duration of stay. Please refer to the letter.

The expiration date on 31 Dec 2024 is only for the BRP card, from 1 Jan 2025, you don’t need to show a BRP card to prove your immigration status, all the Immigration status will be checked online. In the meantime, if you’re still worrying and want to be sure of your duration of stay, please use the online service: www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-work.

The reason for removing the actual BRP card is due to Home Office is planning to develop a British entry and exit encryption technology system, so as to further improve the digital experience. From early 2024, the UKVI will update the detailed information on what to do next in regard to how to prove your immigration status. WorkPermitCloud Limited will keep you updated on the first time when the new updates are released.

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