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A New Scale-up Visa Will Be Launched In The UK To Attract Global Talents

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has recently announced in his 2021 budget plan that a new Scale-up visa will be launched in spring 2022, which is part of the UK’s Innovation strategy. The aim of this new visa route is to make it quicker and easier to bring in highly skilled individuals for UK’s fast-growing business. More details about Sunak’s speech are here.

“A new economy built on innovation must be open and attractive to the best and brightest minds”

-- Rishi Sunak

What is a scale-up Visa?

A scale-up Visa is a type of worker visa, under a point-based immigration system. This visa mainly focuses on bringing high skilled talents from the globe to the UK to aid the development of the UK’s fast-growing business. This route will allow eligible individuals to extend their visas and count towards settlement in the UK. However, no sponsorship is required for this scale-up visa.

Who will be eligible to apply for a Scale-up Visa?

The visa will be available to applicants who meet the language requirements and hold a high-skilled job offer with a salary of a minimum of £33,000 from a qualifying scale-up company. No detailed information has been published in regard to what level of English need to be met, but as it is under the point-based system, the requirement for English requirement under the point-based system can be found here.

What’re the criteria for a scale-up company?

A company is considered a “scale-up” need to have an average annual income or employment growth rate exceeding 20% within three years, and the company has at least 10 employees during the three-year period. However, companies that can demonstrate an expectation of strong growth in future years would be also considered as scale-ups by the UK government. In addition, Companies who meet the eligibility requirement will enjoy the "fast-track verification process" service.

What’s the difference between Scale-up Visa and Skilled Worker Visa?

Both the Scale-up visa and the Skilled Worker visa are Worker visas, following the point-based system, and both routes require a job offer. However, there are some differences:

  • - Minimum salary

The Scale-up Route requires applicants to have a minimum annual salary of £33,000, whereas the Skilled Worker Route requires a minimum annual salary of £25,600, and can be much lower depending on the kind of job's “going rate”.  

  • - Sponsorship requirement

According to the Home Office policy paper “New Plan for Immigration: Legal Migration and Border Control Strategy Statement” Paragraph 21, it stated that no sponsorship is required under the Scale-up Route. Whereas applicants under the Skilled Worker Route needs to be sponsored by the company they are working for, and the company need to have a sponsor licence. For more information about who can apply for a sponsor licence please click here.

Although the complete guide of specific explanations and requirements of this Scale-up Visa has not yet been released, we believe this visa will be an exciting opportunity for international talents. It will also help UK’s innovative businesses to access the talents and skills they need.

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